HOW TO MAKE AN OLD BOX 19 April, 2021


You probably could often observe in the frames of famous photographers and also very often on the set some wooden boxes, they are also called appleboxes, in fact, fruits and vegetables were transported in such boxes, after which they were used in everyday life as coasters, a solid base makes them enough strong enough to be walked on or fitted with additional equipment.

Many people asked us where you can get such boxes or buy, but we would like to share how you can make them yourself and give them the effect of antiquity.

Materials and tools that we need to create the box!
You can buy all materials at any hardware store near your home. We need the following materials: plywood, glue, nails. Tools: saw or jigsaw, hammer, tape measure, pencil, furniture wax, some dust (ordinary street dust or dirt)..

The first step is to cut the plywood.
Lay a sheet of plywood on a flat spot and mark out the dimensions of all sides of the box on it. We use the following sizes: top covers 55×38 cm / end sides 38×21 cm / Side sides 53×21 cm. We use 1 cm thick plywood. Next, cut the plywood to the specified dimensions.

Putting all the details together.
After we cut the plywood, we got 6 different sides of our future box. We need to assemble it, for this we will use small nails and furniture glue. Apply glue to the joints of the sides, then fasten the sides with nails and glue all the inner joints of the box, so we get a very strong structure.

Drawer treatment, scratching and wear effect.
After knocking and gluing the sides, we got a perfect new box. But we need to make it look like it has been used for quite some time. To wear the edges, we use a saw or an electric jigsaw, with sliding movements you need to cut off all the corners that you see, hit them and scratch them, as if it has been used in a warehouse for many years.

Create a dirty scuff effect.
After all the above steps, we got a scratched and battered box, yet it does not look like an old one. For this we need furniture wax and dust. Place the box on a flat surface, apply a little wax on it and rub the wax with a rotary motion with a rag, dusting a little with dust or dirt. With the help of wax, we imitate the grease marks after contact of the hands with an object, and since the hands are not always clean, with the help of dirt we emit natural pollution.

Side hand holes
We did not make the side holes, but you can do it yourself with the round wood drill bits and the electric jigsaw. Before that, do not forget to drill holes for the entry of the jigsaw blade into the wood blade.

Good luck with your workmanship. If you have any questions, just write to the email: