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We believe that the best and easiest way to use our backdrop is with simple light. The less is more with lighting set ups. We suggest touse one light set or maximum 2 lights to create painterly images. We are going to start with main light, which can be any strobe/flash withpractically any modifier of your choice. This light should be about 3 to 5 feet away from your subject barely facing towards the model, or super feathered for soft light look. We would suggest to place a v-flat or any reflector you may have directly across from main light about 3 feet away from your subject. With this lighting set up adjust power of strobe and your camera setting accordingly. You can also add another light to this set up if you have another strobe/flash. This light should go above your subject placed directly in front about one foot above and slightly angled towards subject and backdrop. From here adjust lights positions and settings to your own liking. We hope it will give you a jump start to your next portrait session with your clients


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